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Pain 101


Pain 101 is a collection of articles covering basic questions in pain research. Here we offer summaries of current thinking, round ups of research tools, and other articles that provide a general background on the neurobiology and clinical study of pain. 


When Cancer Treatment Packs a Painful Punch

Research into chemotherapy-induced neuropathy puts focus on mitochondria, but new therapies remain elusive

by David C. Holzman 

6 Jun 2014



Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: The Next Wave in Pain Treatment?

Non-invasive technique shows promise but needs more study

by Stephani Sutherland

3 October 2013


Where Are Glia Going?

Studies in animals implicate microglia and astrocytes in chronic pain. But attempts to learn what those cells do in humans—and to stymie them to stop pain—have so far come up dry. What is the future for glia-targeted pain therapy?

by Megan Talkington

9 June 2011


Sensation on a Small Scale

What can flies and worms teach us about pain? PRF reports on recent discoveries in miniature models of nociception.

by Megan Talkington

7 April 2011