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Papers: 5 Jan 2019 - 11 Jan 2019

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Tomaszewski DM, Arbuckle C, Yang S, Linstead E
JAMA Network Open. 2018 Dec 21; 1(8):e186161.
This paper is available here.
Gaither JR, Shabanova V, Leventhal JM
JAMA Network Open. 2018 Dec 28; 1(8):e186558.
This article is available here.
Huang YC, Pirri J, Rayes D, Gao S, Mulcahy B, Grant J, Saheki Y, Francis M, Zhen M, Alkema M
bioRxiv. 2019 Jan 1.
Note: This article is a preprint from bioRxiv and has not been peer reviewed. Access the preprint here.