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Carr DB, Fox DM, Rothstein MA, Spellman CM
AJPH. 2019 Jan 1; 109(1):17-18.
This article introduces a special section of the January 2019 issue of the American Journal of Public Health on pain management and public health and can be viewed here. Other articles in the special section can be viewed here.
Carr D, Schatman M
AJPH. 2019 Jan 1; 109(1):50-51.
This article is available here.
Brennan F, Lohman D, Gwyther L
AJPH. 2019 Jan 1; 109(1):61-5.
This article is available here.
Bonnie RJ, Schumacher MA, Clark JD, Kesselheim AS
AJPH. 2019 Jan 1; 109(1):31-4.
This article is available here.