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2017 San Diego Pain Summit

7 Feb 2017 to 13 Feb 2017
San Diego, California, US
Rajam Roose

The third annual San Diego Pain Summit is dedicated to helping physical and manual therapists apply pain science into clinical practice.


The Summit is an entire week of workshops that consists of two days of conference presentations. Register here.



February 8-9, 2017: Workshop (Functional Therapeutic Movement w/Ben Cormack).

February 8-9, 2017: Workshop (Cognitive Functional Therapy w/ Peter O'Sullivan),

February 10-11, 2017: Presentations. Keynote Peter O'Sullivan. Speakers: Ben Cormack, Dr. Melissa Farmer, Dr. Jonathan Fass. Roderick Henderson, Paul Lagerman, Dr. Jeffrey Mogil, Carolyn Vandyken, & Ruth Werner.


Special guests: Beth Darnall, Leonie Koban, Karen Litzy, Christopher Moyer, Jason Silvnernail, and Nick Tumminello.