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New Directions in Pain Neuroscience

2 Dec 2014 to 5 Dec 2014
Osaka, Japan
Registration and abstract submission are now closed.
Ben Seymour
NICT, Osaka University, UK Consulate.

Recent advances in systems neuroscience and neuroimaging are beginning to challenge standard views about how pain is processed in the brain, and promise fundamentally new insights into the pathophysiology and treatment of chronic pain. The first CiNet Conference brings together world-leading young scientists and clinicians who are rethinking pain neuroscience. The conference will highlight some of the most innovative new ideas in the field, and create a free space for lively and creative discussion.


Topics that will be covered include computational theories of the pain system, network and connectivity models of chronic pain, novel neuroimaging methods, the development of new biomarkers for chronic pain, technology-based assessment and translational therapeutics, molecular mechanisms of plasticity, and the role of the immune system in pain.


The conference is free of charge, including lunch and receptions. Overseas Travel Awards are available