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Seeking input for identification of potential biomarkers for acute to chronic pain program.

NIH Acute to Chronic Pain Signatures Program
The Acute to Chronic Pain Signatures Common Fund program will use advances in imaging, high-throughput biomedical experiments (omics), sensory testing, and psychosocial assessments to explore a range of characteristics from patients who transition or are resilient to chronic pain. 
NIH is seeking input from the scientific community on specific candidate molecules, tests, patient reported outcomes, psychosocial factors, health record data, and/or other characteristics that could potentially serve as high value biomarkers for predicting acute to chronic pain transition and/or resilience which should be considered for inclusion as outcome measures to collect in the studies. 
To submit a response, please see the Request for Information.
Request for Information (RFI): Identification of Potentially High Value Biomarkers for Predicting Acute to Chronic Pain Transition and Resilience:
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