Oct 15 2019
Converging evidence from mouse models and human sensory neurons points to the spinal cord receptor NPR1 as a potential treatment target for itch
news Drug Development | Research
Oct 14 2019
Nociceptive Schwann cells in the skin are an active player in pain sensation
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Oct 02 2019
Do different psychological interventions that alleviate pain work through similar or unique mechanisms?
news Conferences | Research
Sep 24 2019
New approach uses high-speed videography, statistical modeling, and machine learning to identify pain- versus non-pain-related behaviors
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26 Oct 2019 to 31 Oct 2019
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Oct 07 2019

The IASP Pain Research Forum will host a webinar with Fumimasa Amaya, MD, PhD, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan,...


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Sep 30 2019
The pain threshold for each individual differs, which makes it more...
Sep 30 2019
In his introductory remarks, although Murat Aydede1 mentions the...
Sep 30 2019
Wonderful paper. Have the researchers found any evidence for differences...
Sep 14 2019
The news article states: "But one thing most agree on is that the...
Jul 13 2019
In this elegant study, the authors compare lidocaine injection of the...
Apr 01 2019
By: John Wood
In the accompanying paper, Bennett, Serra, and Tracey make an important...
Mar 29 2019
Negus and colleagues have provided a useful in-depth review of the broad...
Mar 14 2019
The study by Tan et al. represents a major step forward in understanding...
Jan 17 2019
This is an excellent paper investigating the analgesic effect of sucrose...
Nov 23 2018
This study seems to provide the first clinical evidence to support basic...
Oct 05 2018
This is an interesting study confirming analgesic effects mediated by...
Aug 20 2018
This is an interesting study with translational potential. The authors...
Aug 13 2018
The conventional role of microRNAs (miRNAs) is to regulate gene expression...
Jun 18 2018
Since publication of this news story, JAMA has published a Viewpoint by...
May 25 2018
Drs. Yezierski and Hansson have provided a timely, readable, scholarly and...
May 24 2018
How an organism maintains its internal stability despite variations in...
May 15 2018
By: Mark Hoon
Four years ago, the labs of Patrik Ernfors and Sten Linnarsson from the...
Apr 17 2018
Pain in surgical joint instability models of osteoarthritis (OA) is...
Mar 30 2018
This is an interesting study that has demonstrated palmitoylation as a...
Mar 23 2018
This is a very interesting study from the labs of Andrew Todd and Mark...
Feb 12 2018
Dr. Clauw and his colleagues clearly favoured "centralized" as the third...
Feb 06 2018
The medial frontal cortex (MFC) contains multiple regions under intense...
Jan 17 2018
Editor's note: This comment is co-authored by Rafael González-Cano and...

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