Jan 11 2022
The image, captured by Paula Diaz using fluorescence microscopy, was recognized as one of the best science images of 2021.
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Jan 07 2022
Incoming pain signals from the spinal cord reach the lateral parabrachial nucleus in the brainstem, and a subpopulation of its projection neurons acts to inhibit dopamine release from neurons in the midbrain.
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Dec 23 2021
A news story on the sex-specific differences in a pain mechanism, a paper exploring how spinal macrophages suppress pain hypersensitivity, and a seminar about a neurocultural model of pain led the pack.
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Dec 17 2021
Two studies indicate that activation of the pattern recognition receptor STING not only reduces bone tumor growth, but also reduces pain through complementary mechanisms
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Jan 18 2022

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Jan 14 2022

Anke Tappe-Theodor, PhD, is a habilitated scientist in the Faculty of Pharmacology at Ruprecht Karls University of Heidelberg, Germany. She...


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Oct 26 2021
Congratulations, Greg! Thanks for taking up the mantle. Good luck to Neil...
Sep 28 2021
Professor Wand, thank you for an interesting interview. Perhaps you would...
Sep 21 2021
This is a tour de force. I am reading it right now and I am really getting...
Aug 31 2021
Editor's note: Michael Iadarola is a co-author of the above journal...
Aug 13 2021
This is an interesting piece. One is amazed at this kind of diversity in...
Jul 23 2021
Something to note: TRPC channels (and TRPC5 in particular) have been...
May 26 2021
So does it mean that there might be a confounding factor in all pain...
Feb 20 2021
It's fascinating to discover that only few astrocytes in the amygdala are...
Feb 03 2021
Thank you. I very much enjoyed the podcast; it was interesting and...
Aug 15 2020
Professor Harold Merskey, who was the chair of the original IASP...
Aug 12 2020
Modified pain definition: An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience...
Jul 23 2020
Introducing the word "resembling" in relation to "the unpleasant sensory...
Jul 16 2020
The revised definition of pain has now been published in PAIN, along with...
May 15 2020
You may wish to have a look at some more recent updates of this paper: [1...
Mar 06 2020
Editor's note: this comment is co-authored by Ashlie Reker and Steve...
Feb 24 2020
An unexpected finding in this study was that CCI increased rather than...
Dec 18 2019
Editor's note: This was the most popular paper on PRF over the past...
Dec 18 2019
Editor's Note: This paper was the most popular paper on PRF in 2019....
Sep 30 2019
The pain threshold for each individual differs, which makes it more...
Sep 30 2019
In his introductory remarks, although Murat Aydede1 mentions the...
Sep 30 2019
Wonderful paper. Have the researchers found any evidence for differences...
Sep 14 2019
The news article states: "But one thing most agree on is that the...
Jul 13 2019
In this elegant study, the authors compare lidocaine injection of the...
Apr 01 2019
By: John Wood
In the accompanying paper, Bennett, Serra, and Tracey make an important...

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