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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the IASP Pain Research Forum?

The IASP Pain Research Forum (PRF) is an interactive web community of pain researchers. Believing that the free exchange of information and ideas is the best way to speed progress, PRF aims to build a virtual meeting place for investigators in academia, industry, medicine and other fields who are working to translate basic neurobiology into new treatments for chronic pain. For more information, see About.


Who is behind the IASP Pain Research Forum? The site was developed as a program of the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center, in collaboration with the MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease Informatics group. In July 2017, PRF became part of the non-profit International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). 


The development of the Pain Research Forum was supported by two private foundations that continue to support the site. PRF also has additional funding from foundations, non-profits, and companies. 


What is the role of the PRF Editorial Board? Our Editorial Board guides the development of new content and features.


Who should register? The Forum is for clinical, translational and basic researchers, from academia, industry and government, with an interest in chronic pain. We also welcome journalists, caregivers, patients or anyone who wants to keep up with the latest in pain research. 


Why should I register? Anyone can view our news, papers, discussions, research resources, registered user resources and commentary, and receive our periodical Newsletter. However, only registered users can: 

  • Post comments on papers and news stories, participate in discussions, submit jobs, grants and funding opportunities.
  • View full profiles of other registered users.
  • Contact fellow registered users via email.
  • Be an active part of the only web community dedicated to pain research. 

Registering also demonstrates your support for the Pain Research Forum and will contribute to the site's long-term success.


How can I register? Just follow the link to the Registration page. Fill in a few required fields and we will activate your account. You will receive an email with a link that will allow you to log in to the site and set your password. Once you have set and saved your password, your registration is complete--your profile will appear in our directory, you will have full access to all site features, and you can post comments and start discussions. 


How much does it cost? Nothing. IASP Pain Research Forum content and features are free to all. 


How can I contact the IASP Pain Research Forum? The easiest way to contact us is by sending an email to


How can I submit a job advertisement or meeting announcement?  From the Registered Users and Community page, select the Submit New Items button and follow the instructions to email us your information. You can also submit items directly from the Jobs, Meetings & Events and Funding Opportunities pages. Or, you can simply send an email to


How can I suggest a correction or addition to one of the items in Research Resources?  From the Research Resources page, select the Submit New Items button and follow the instructions to email us your information. Or, you can simply send an email to


For Registered Users


Why fill out my profile?  Your profile makes it easy for colleagues to identify you as someone who shares their interests. You can include your CV and upload your publication list, too.


Why comment?  Your comments, whether on a news story, paper, or in a discussion, are the heart of the PRF. Let your colleagues know what you are thinking about the latest research by submitting a comment. All comments are moderated, which means that the PRF editors will read them to ensure that all postings are on-topic, civil and constructive.


How do I submit a comment? You must be a registered user to submit comments. If you are logged in, you will see a comment entry box at the bottom of the page for content that accepts comments. Just type or cut and paste your text into the box and click on the submit button. 


I submitted a comment but I don't see it posted- what happened?  All of the comments are read by PRF editors before being posted, and that process can take up to a day or two. So please be patient--if the editor wants to suggest changes to your text, she will email you. Otherwise, you will receive a confirmatory email when your comment posts. 


How do I start a discussion? From Home, or the Forums page, click on the yellow 'Start A Discussion’ button. That will open a form where you can enter your text, an image, references—whatever you need to seed a discussion.

Once you submit the form, an editor will review your discussion and post it if appropriate, or contact you for further information. 


What other kinds of contributions can I make?  Besides making comments on news stories and papers, and participating in discussions, registered users can submit postings for any of our Registered Users & Community and Research Resources sections. In the future, we will expand opportunities to participate to include webinars and other interactive forums and additional research resources. 



Other questions?


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